We often get asked about Mentoring and it is a service that we offer, however please do not confuse with Advice!  We have two types of mentor, the Business mentor and the Unemployment mentor.  The Business mentor will differ for existing businesses and start ups.

What is Mentoring?

Mentoring is sharing your experiences, being open about your situation and discussing how you might solve problems, questioning your self awareness and methods in a positive way. It is having someone to support and help motivate you through the ups and downs.

What isn’t  mentoring?

It is not coaching, advice or training, it is not counselling or therapy and it is not to give you the answers – if you want this then an appointment with an advisor would be more suitable.

Who mentors?

We have a bank of mentors, all with a wide range of experience in mentoring entrepreneurs, consultants and freelancers. This group all enjoy support and training from Ignite.

Would you like a mentor?

Please contact the team to discuss how a mentor could help you.

Would you like to become a mentor?

We welcome applications from a wide range of mentors and would be delighted to discuss how you could join our team. If you have no previous experience then don’t worry, if you provide us with a regular commitment we will provide training and support to get you started.

Please fill in the contact form to start the process…


Note – we do not accept mentors who are business coaches or trainers, we find this conflicts with the mentoring programme, however if you fall within this category please contact us for coaching or training opportunities.


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