Sterling Washroom Services Ltd

Name: Gavin Newman

Company: Sterling Washroom Services Ltd

Position: Director

The story of David versus Goliath may be biblical, but it has evolved to take on a more secular meaning over the years. It is known as the story of the contest between David, the smaller opponent, and a much bigger adversary, Goliath. David eventually wins through skill and guile, defeating his enemy who has greater armoury and weaponry.

The message of this can be applied in the story of smaller companies versus the large. There are often barriers to entry that prevent and threaten smaller companies advancing, but when a new and better service is offered that the market wants, the small will always find a way to grow through the concrete and defeat the might of the powerful.

In Gavin Newman’s case the barriers to entry for his new company, Sterling Washroom Services, were navigating all of the different licences required to run the company, where to dispose of the waste and also getting the marketing structure right for the customers. The marketing battle would be significant. The aim would be to convey their products and services clearly to customers against the might of the larger companies who had more resources at their disposal.

This is where Gavin approached Ignite: to help his understanding, gain some all-round advice and to help formulate some ideas to aid his approach to tackle the market. After some consultation he decided to play to his strengths versus the national players in the market and take a personal approach.

With 12 years successful experience in the cleaning industry, it could be argued that Gavin was as well prepared for his new business as he could have been. It was while gaining this experience that he spotted a gap in the market to offer washroom services to his existing clients and market to new ones.

Gavin said: “When I started the business I concentrated on key products such as feminine hygiene waste disposal, nappy waste disposal, automatic air freshener systems and toilet sanitizer systems.”

This foundation of products has steadily grown as his strength has been felt against the competition.

Gavin continued: “Over the last few years the product range has expanded to include electric hand dryers, entrance mats and cleaning and washroom consumables to give our customers a central contract for all their washroom services and products.”

He recommends Ignite for their “great advice and on-going support”, which has been key to his growth – a team that is always in his corner whenever he needs them.

His supported development is central to the advice that he would give to those starting out in business.

Gavin said: “I’d say that those looking to start a business should find a niche market and customer base to launch their product or service and believe in their value. Do not under-price your products or services just to win the customer.”

It is this self-belief and confidence along with the support of Ignite and his years of being on the fringes of the sector, which has given him the power to take Sterling Washrooms Services Ltd from underdog, to contender, to heir apparent across Essex, Suffolk, Hertfordshire, Kent and London. This is the story of Gavin versus Goliath.


Contact details:

Sterling Washroom Services Ltd

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