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We have worked with many companies to develop their online presence – proving that producing and managing your own website can be a freeing, cost-effective and all-round better alternative to outsourcing. Here are some examples of the people who have taken our How To Build a Website course and the results they achieved.


Ambrose Creative Ltd

Testimony from Donna Ambrose, Director of Ambrose Creative Ltd: ‘A huge thank you to Liz and the team at Ignite for their support; Liz gave honest and constructive feedback and support to me during the two days. I have learnt so much and am delighted with the results. It is great having an online presence to show my creative portfolio of work and better still, I’m in complete control and able to update the site myself.’

About Ambrose Creative Ltd:

Ambrose Creative Ltd was established as limited in December 2014, changing from its previous sole trader status that it had held since January 2012. Company owner Donna Ambrose had worked for many years as a graphic designer/creative manager in creative agencies and felt it was time to set up on her own.

Ambrose Creative works with creative, marketing, PR and medical communication agencies supporting them with graphic design and project management. The company also works directly with businesses of all sizes – from innovative young enterprises to growing SMEs and established businesses throughout Essex and the rest of the UK.

As a freelance graphic designer (with agency experience), Donna can deliver exactly the same results as you would expect from an agency – but for a fraction of the price – as she has less overheads. Clients can also work closely with her, instead of relaying everything through an account or project manager.

Donna has been very lucky to work with some great clients on interesting projects. Due to client confidentially, she cannot show all of her design work on her website, but is more than happy to meet up and show you more of her portfolio.

Visit Ambrose Creative Ltd at:


ANC Software

Testimony from ANC Software’s Joanne Lambert: ‘Thanks to the training course in Web Design, ANC’S website is now reflective of the high quality skills we have to offer our clients’

About ANC Software:

ANC Software was founded in 2007 by Company Owner Andy Coombs.  Having worked for many years in a Senior Development role managing developers and projects Andy had a real passion for creating high quality bespoke software. ANC Software was set up to do exactly that using Andy’s extensive knowledge, originally a solo venture the company now has grown to a close knit team of six staff members.

ANC’s work to date has been rolled out worldwide in industries such as Motor, Travel, Marine, Lifts and Servicing, Finance and Logistics Transport, this is something that ANC are incredibly proud of as a team.

As a company ANC Software is now in the process of finalising the design of a Resource Management System and also a HR System, both of which are monthly subscription items. In addition to this the company is now also offering two additional in house services – Web Design and Testing Services.

The Testing Services that are operational in house ensure all projects leave having been through a rigorous testing procedure ensuring all defects have been corrected saving the end user a great deal of time. Whilst the Web Design service that ANC offers allows the creation of bespoke websites for all clients working with them side by side to achieve exactly what they looking for.

Visit ANC Software at:


Aurora Pearl

Testimony from Emma Mead, Director of Aurora Pearl: ‘Building a website was something that was just done and paid for when we started the business, however, now being three years in, we need to update it regularly and be more in control. By attending the course we have learnt so much that we would never have imagined we could do ourselves.’

About Aurora Pearl:

Following their wedding, Emma and Scott Mead set up Aurora Pearl in April 2013 with the aim of helping people bring their own perfect wedding day dreams to life.

They have been so successful at what they do that their business has grown to levels beyond their initial hopes. They are now VAT registered, have their own door front unit and the award-winning husband and wife duo now work full time on their company with a big team of 15 or so sub-contractors, which enables them to bring their expertise to more than one function on the same date.

With services for weddings and events that include DJ and disco hire, photo booth hire, décor hire and LED dance floors, they are soon planning on expanding their team further. They are the ‘preferred supplier’ at a number of venues across Essex, have DJ residencies, have produced a national event for Disney and worked for various brands including: Heart, Ubisoft, Help for Heroes and Bare Minerals. They have also done events for the band Little Mix.

Their aim at the start was to create a unique, beautiful and magical event such as the Northern Lights for every client and the results prove that they are living up to their name.

Visit Aurora Pearl at:


SHD Training

Testimony from Stuart Davenport, Managing Director of SHD Training & Business Solutions: ‘The WordPress workshop was a fantastic opportunity and has been very helpful in my own personal development as well as the business. Liz was extremely helpful and provided constructive feedback and support at all times including answering any questions necessary and giving direction and advice in making my website the best it could be. By attending the WordPress programme I have been able to add another area to advertise the business and this has developed new contacts and more interest. It was a great opportunity that I would recommend to others to help succeed in the future.’

About SHD Training & Business Solutions:

SHD Training and Business Solutions Ltd was established as limited January 2015, changing from its previous sole trader status that it had held since January 2008. After working in retail for 25 years Stuart wanted to use the knowledge and experience he had to develop individuals and teams for the future. He has since worked with a number of different clients developing individuals through assessment and has also obtained teaching qualifications to enable him to improve his ability to provide learning in different ways to suit each individual. He has worked in a number of different areas including Team leadership and Management, Retail, Sales, Care, Warehousing, Customer Service, Business Administration, Employability and ICT and he is currently looking to develop his health and safety and IT/E-learning offerings for the future.

SHD Training offers business improvement techniques and training programmes tailored to individual and business needs and also sets programmes of development. Employment services including confidence building and skills coaching can be offered with CV and cover letter writing to suit. He has just completed a project for the Best Growth Hub developing local businesses and previously created and developed programmes for DHL and also the Chartered Institute for Procurement and Supply.

Visit SHD Training & Business Solutions Ltd at:

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